Legal Advice For Car Accident Victims Who Are Still Sitting On The Fence

Posted on: 17 December 2018

Being in a car accident tends to leave you with lots of questions. You are probably also a little wary about pursuing any legal action because you are just not that certain about what happened to you and whether or not a lawsuit is the right course of action. You can get some free legal advice from an auto accident attorney, but you have as of yet to pick up the phone to call an attorney. Here is some legal advice for anyone who is sitting on the fence and not sure about a lawsuit after they have been in a car accident.

​If the Total Sum of Your Bills Exceeds a Thousand Dollars...

​Even people who are insured to the hilt could have some bills after an accident. Chances are, you are probably the average American who ended up with a lot more bills than you bargained for after your car collided with a truck, an object, or someone else's car. If your bills total more than a thousand dollars after your insurance companies settle the claims, you should consider a lawsuit. It can help with some or all of those bills.

​If Your Injuries Are Severe or Long-Term...

​When car accident injuries prevent you from moving on with life, and/or they will prevent you from moving freely ever again, you should sue. Many people who are immobilized by car accident injuries generally do not get that much better, and many times their injuries get worse as they get older. Then there are the injuries of other people in the car with you. If you had passengers who were injured, such as your children or spouse, they will need extensive and potentially ongoing medical care. Can you really afford that? Do you really want to foot the bill if and when the accident was someone else's fault? Probably not. 

If You Do Not Take Action, the Other Driver(s) Will

This fact should not surprise you. Even though the other driver or drivers may be at fault for the accident, they can still attempt to sue you. If you do not take action and take it quickly, you could come out of this looking like you have something to hide, or that you are guilty of what the other drivers say. Suing them first is a countermeasure against what they might do, and then you can let your attorney and their attorneys sort it out.

For more information, talk to an auto accident attorney in your area.