Getting a Second Job When You Are on a Work Visa

Posted on: 4 March 2019

Getting a job as an immigrant will often require having to apply for a visa. The company that you are hired for may have to sponsor your visa in order for you to be in the country legally. Once you have a work visa through your company, you will legally be able to begin working and making money within the country. One problem that you may discover after having dealt with your employment visa is that you do not make enough on your first job to sustain your living situation. This may necessitate you getting another job. Here are some tips for getting a second job when you are here on a work visa. 

Look at Jobs With Nonprofits

When you are interested in getting a second job to help make ends meet, you should look at nonprofit corporations. Many times, these corporations do not have the same structural limits for hiring HB-1 workers who may be on a work visa. These companies will be able to hire you and will be able to ask for a work visa for your situation as well. Along with being able to find a part-time position within the nonprofit, you will be able to help support a company that is structured to provide aid to the public. 

Consider Going to School and Doing Work Study​

Along with being able to work on your visa, you will be able to go to school. Once you get a school, you will be able to apply for work-study programs. These will provide you with money and they will help you pay your tuition bill. This will keep you within the bounds of your HB-1 visa and it will permit you a higher level of education that can lead to you getting a permanent job and permanent visa. 

Seek a New Visa Status​

Coming to the country on one visa does not mean that you have to remain on the same visa for the entirety of your stay. While you are in the country, you will be able to look at other work visas or visa statuses that will allow you to remain in the country. If you get a job that permits diplomatic status, you may be able to get a diplomatic visa to remain in the country. If you have a fiance that is a citizen of the nation, you will be able to apply for a K-1 visa instead.