Suffered At The Hands Of A Peeping Tom At Your Hotel? Contact A Personal Injury Attorney

Posted on: 21 June 2019

Having an unwanted person observe you, especially if you're in a state of undress, can be a deeply serious invasion of your privacy. While such events can potentially happen at home if a neighbor observes you through a window, another site of such issues can be at a hotel. There are many scenarios in which a hotel employee or a contractor employed by the hotel could look in your room when you're undressed, and this will obviously upset you and leave you feeling traumatized. After such an event, consulting a personal injury attorney will give you the empowerment to move forward with a suit against the hotel. Here are some scenarios in which this invasion of privacy could occur.

Window Cleaning

Hotels contract cleaning companies to clean their windows regularly, and can be a difficult scenario for guests. You might be undressed in your room — perhaps having just walked out of the shower — only to notice a window cleaner hanging outside of your window and looking in. This invasion of privacy is significant and can be grounds for a personal injury suit. This is especially true if the hotel failed to warn you about the pending window cleaning so that you could draw your curtains.

Balcony Maintenance

In another scenario, it's possible that someone from the hotel's maintenance department looked in at you while you were seemingly in the privacy of your room. Such an event could transpire if a maintenance worker were outside of your room, perhaps working on the balcony. Whether the worker was painting the balcony or repairing it, the hotel had an obligation to alert you to this person's presence. Failing to do so, your personal injury attorney will likely argue, was negligent in this case.

Room Work

If you happen to have been visiting a hotel and booked a suite, the size of the suite could have meant that a maintenance worker or housekeeper was inside of the suite without you knowing it. For example, if he or she was in the living room area, and you got back to the hotel, walked into the bathroom and came out in a state of partial undress — only for the staff member to see you — your attorney would likely argue that the staff member should have announced his or her presence immediately upon you entering the room. Each of these difficult scenarios can be the focal point of a personal injury suit.