3 Things To Know When Facing Criminal Charges

Posted on: 13 February 2020

Are you currently looking for a criminal lawyer to hire to help you with the criminal charges you have pending against you? If so, you should find one soon so you can begin working on the details of your case. If this is your first charge, you might have questions about it and about what to do, and here are three vital things you should know and understand if you are in this position.

You Are Not Guilty Until the Court Proves It

The first thing you should understand about your arrest and the charges you face is that you are not actually guilty of the crime at this point. The police can arrest you when they have probable cause that shows you are guilty, but the arrest does not actually make you guilty. It simply initiates the criminal process. You will not be guilty of the crime, in the legal sense, until the court renders a verdict that says you are guilty.

You Can Take a Plea Bargain to Reduce Your Charges

You will probably have a choice of how you wish to proceed in your case, and there are usually two options. One is to admit guilt by taking a plea bargain. If you agree to the plea bargain, you will be guilty of the crime; however, the court might reduce the charge to one that is less severe and serious than the original one you were facing. Taking a plea eliminates the possibility of an innocent verdict.

The other option is to choose a trial. With this option, the court gets to hear your case and determine if you are innocent or guilty. They must base their decision on the facts presented in the case. If guilty, you will probably not be able to get a reduced charge.

You Have Rights

The other thing that you must know is that you have rights. A person accused of a crime always has a lot of different rights, and you should talk to a lawyer to learn more about these so that you can utilize them in your benefit. One example is the right to use the Fifth Amendment to not answer questions if your answers would prove your guilt.

Knowing these three things is important when facing any type of criminal charge. You should contact a criminal defense law firm to learn more about what you can do to fight the charges against you.