Why You Need A Healthcare Attorney To Talk To The Insurance Company For You

Posted on: 18 March 2020

Whether you were injured on the job or through the negligence of a medical professional, you may be currently seeking a payout for your medical expenses through one avenue or another. In order to get the money you deserve, you may be required to talk to an insurance company. This could be your own insurance company or it could be the insurance company that backs the firm you work or perhaps the insurer for the other party responsible for your injury. Regardless of the details, it's generally a good idea to get some professional help when talking to an insurance firm about a potential payout or settlement. Here's why you should hire a healthcare attorney to represent you in this situation.

 You Are More Than Just Another Claim 

When dealing with an insurance company, the insurance agent is going to stick to the policies set forth by their company. These insurance firms see countless numbers of cases per day, and most insurance companies are always going to be concerned about their bottom line more so than making someone like you financially whole again. In other words, insurance companies have a vested interest in limiting payouts as much as possible if they want to be profitable.

Bringing a healthcare attorney into the equation will provide you with someone who has your interests in mind, and not the insurance firm. They will know how to play hardball if necessary and let the insurance company know that you expect a reasonable payout for what's happened to you. Simply hiring an attorney could be the difference between getting a fair offer or settlement and getting lowballed when all is said and done.

Assistance with Experts

In some medical cases, you may be expected to extensively document your injury or condition. You may have some bills or documentation from your local doctor or hospital but a healthcare attorney can help you go above and beyond this. You may be able to retain an expert witness who will testify either in a deposition or in a courtroom if it comes to it. A good healthcare attorney knows how to find a good expert witness for your specific case.

Focus on Yourself

Dealing with all of the paperwork and other details that can come with pursuing a payout or settlement might not be something you are in the right mind to do right now. You need to focus on your injury and doing what you can to get better. Having an attorney will free you up to focus on recovery while someone else pursues the justice you deserve.

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