5 Summer Hazards That Increases Accident Risks For Bicyclists

Posted on: 7 June 2022

Bicyclists take on inherent risk when they share the road with drivers. But this risk can go up significantly in the summer. Why? Here are a few of the reasons your chances of being injured are higher when the sun is out longer.

1. Teenage Drivers

Teen drivers are inexperienced and easily distracted. And while they're on the road at all times of the year, they're on the road even more during summer. Why? School's out, and summer fun beckons. Unfortunately, most teenage drivers have little experience sharing the road with cyclists, so they may not even understand the etiquette, rules, or dangers. 

2. Tourists

Out-of-town drivers are hazards for bicycles in two major ways. The first is that they don't know the area and aren't sure where they're going. This means hesitant driving, distracted driving, last-minute turns, and sudden stops. Cyclists must be even more on guard to make up for these added dangers. 

3. Increased Traffic

With more people heading off on summer trips, going to the beach, staying out longer in the evenings, and doing errands in good weather, the general volume of auto traffic goes up. More cars mean more chances of an accident with bicyclists or others around the road. 

4. More Bicyclists

What about your fellow bicyclists? Must you share the bike lanes, sidewalks, and road shoulders with more two-wheeled vehicles in good weather? While cyclists generally try to look out for one another, cramped conditions may lead to riding outside the bike lane, stress or rash actions, and sudden movements. Never overlook the fact that accidents are not always caused by car drivers.

5. Road Construction

Summer is prime weather for planning road construction projects. And even though these are an inconvenience for car drivers, they can be a real hazard for bicycles. The bike lane may disappear, pushing you out into the traffic lanes. Cars make unexpected detours around cyclists. And detours make surrounding roads busier. 

Where to Learn More

If one or more of these added risks of the summer season have put you in danger or resulted in an accident, it's vital that you seek the compensation you need to get back on the road. Because cyclists are more exposed and more vulnerable when using the roads, they may need even more assistance to recover. Make an appointment today to meet with a personal injury lawyer in your state for more information