Going Through A Divorce? Tips To Help You Get Through It

Posted on: 27 November 2015

Going through a divorce is difficult whether it is amicable or not. Going through your divorce alone can make it even more difficult, so you should hire a divorce attorney to handle everything for you. Below are ways an attorney can help you. 

Avoid the Pitfalls

A divorce lawyer will make sure you are not a victim in your divorce. They will help you divide up your assets, and if you have children, can help you set up child support, as well as child custody arrangements.

The divorce lawyer can help you find a divorce mediator if needed. If you and your ex-spouse cannot come to an agreement on child support or child custody arrangements, the mediator can help you resolve them. They can also help if you are not in agreeance with the division of your assets. In some cases, divorce mediators are lawyers, and others are not.

Provide Counseling

Your divorce lawyer can also counsel you. You may walk into their office feeling lost and not knowing what you are going to do. The lawyer will understand this, and will start talking to you about your future plans if you plan to stay in the area, etc. to get you thinking about what you are going to do after the divorce.

Your lawyer will not give their opinion to you, so do not expect them to tell you if you should or should not get a divorce. They may suggest marriage counseling for you if they think you are really unsure about the divorce. They will likely be able to give you some names of counselors in the area.

Determine Your Benefits

Your divorce attorney can help you determine if you are entitled to any of your ex's benefits. For example, if you were married for at least 10 years, you are eligible for a part of your ex's Social Security. If your spouse makes more money than you do, you may be eligible to receive alimony payments.

If you and your ex owned a business together, you may be entitled to part of the money from the business. Your attorney can determine all of these things for you, and explain them to you in greater detail.

Take time to find a good divorce lawyer (such as one from http://www.paulmoorelaw.com), because you need to find someone that you are very comfortable with. This is because you may be spending quite a bit of time with them throughout your divorce.