FAQ About Suing For A Brain Injury After A Collision

Posted on: 24 June 2016

Did a collision lead to you getting a brain injury that has changed your life in a drastic way? As long as you are not the one that caused the collision, you have the right to sue the other party for what you are going through. You must keep in mind that there are some brain injury symptoms that can develop long after the accident, so getting money for treatment is in your best interest. Take a look at the information in this article to find some of the answers to the questions that you might have about hiring a lawyer.

What Should Be Prepared for the Initial Consultation?

The initial consultation will involve explaining your situation so the lawyer can figure out if you have a good reason to sue the other party. Preparation should include writing down a list of any questions that you have, as well as being prepared to answer questions from the lawyer. He or she will focus mainly on asking questions about the day of the accident, as it will help with determining if there is a possibility that you can be held at fault. You must keep in mind that an accident report in your favor does not mean that the other party can't contest it.

How Can a Lawyer Make the Lawsuit Strong?

Getting the accident report that is in your favor is one of the things that the lawyer will do to make your case strong. He or she will strengthen the accident report by going back to the collision scene and making a sketch that can further prove there is no way you are at fault. Getting documents from your physician about your brain injury and how it can affect you on a long-term basis will also be done. The lawyer will find out how your injury affects your career and ability to earn an income, such as by talking to a vocational specialist. You will have to provide documents if you are undergoing counseling, have lost wages and for anything else that you want compensation for.

Does it Take Long to Get Compensated?

The time that it takes for you to get compensated will depend on how well the other party cooperates. If he or she contests the accident report, you can end up in a long court trial. Your lawyer will likely try to get you a settlement through mediation and no need for court, but the other party will have to agree to it. Discuss your accident and brain injury with a lawyer, like one from Knochel Law Offices P.C., so you can get compensated.