4 Types Of Sexual Harassment While At Work

Posted on: 19 February 2018

One thing you may need to do at some point is relying on the expertise of an attorney. If you've been sexually harassed, this is the individual you'll want to call. There are varying degrees and reasons you may be in this situation. Being aware of some of the things that are sexual harassment may be to your benefit.

Reason #1: Sexual advances on the job

There's no doubt that you go to work to make a living. Of course, there are numerous things you may have to do and tolerate within a day's time. 

However, dealing with a co-worker that is coming on to you shouldn't be one of these things. If you're being flirted with in an aggressive way, such as receiving unsolicited sexual comments, it may be time to take action.

Reason #2: Receiving emails

It's likely you may need to communicate with others at work via email. This could be the primary mode of staying in contact with your co-workers and learning about the various tasks that are necessary to be done.

If your emails contain comments that are considered to be sexually inclined and in bad taste, this could be the beginning of a sexual harassment situation. It's not right for you to feel uncomfortable at any time while you're at work.

Reason #3: Inappropriate touching

There's no legitimate reason for you to be touched throughout the day by others on the job in most positions. If you have another person at work that is continually trying to kiss or hug you, this can be a problem.

You'll want to be sure to let your boss know of any situation such as this that may be going on to help ease your mind and allow it to be addressed.

Reason #4: Being shown nude photos

Of course, you may be surprised if a co-worker shows you a picture without any clothes all of the sudden while at work. This may cause you a great deal of distress and the last thing you'll want to handle the job.

Taking the time to admit to any issues such as the ones listed above may allow you to get the justice you deserve. It's essential to stand up for your rights and work to have the wrong party pay for doing this to you. Be sure to work closely with a sexual harassment attorney today to assist you if necessary!