How To Pick A Quality Car Crash Lawyer

Posted on: 24 November 2019

If you've been hurt in an auto accident, you may be wondering whether you can get compensation for your injuries. Television broadcasts are full of ads with folks claiming to be the best auto accident lawyers in the area, but how do you separate the great attorneys from the just okay ones?

Review Their Histories

When comparing one car crash lawyer to another, it's a good idea to look at their history. Most attorneys offer evidence of their records of getting compensation for their clients, but you should look beyond settlement numbers. In particular, try to figure out how often they've taken cases to trial and won. While trials are among the least likely outcomes for auto accident claims, a willingness to go trial can often encourage an insurance company to settle sooner and for a larger amount of money.

Case Studies

When learning about an attorney, ask for published case studies. These are documents that go into detail about how claims were handled for specific clients. They should include information about how long it took to conclude the case, what obstacles were overcome and what value the lawyer brought to the claim.

Case studies are also useful because they give you an idea of how well an attorney writes and edits published work. The job of a lawyer involves filing a lot of papers, and it doesn't hurt to see how good your counsel is at writing.


Just like when you're thinking about hiring anyone for a job, references are worth your time. When you contact a lawyer's previous clients, try not to focus on the settlement figures. Instead, learn how the attorney treated them and what it felt like to work with them. Claims may take months or even years, and you want to know you'll be dealing with someone who'll make you comfortable.

Talk with Their Staff

This is less about the car crash lawyer and more about their practice. You're probably going to interact a lot with their secretary and any paralegals they might employ. As much as you might want to hire the best lawyer, the reality is you have to be able to stand dealing with their employees, too.

Ask Other Professionals

Surgeons, chiropractors, police officers and other professionals are often involved in dealing with different aspects of car accident claims. Don't be afraid to ask them which lawyers they've had good experiences dealing with in their professional capacities.