How A Personal Injury Attorney Can Get You More Money Even After Legal Fees

Posted on: 29 April 2021

People often question whether or not they will actually receive additional compensation for their injuries when choosing to hire a personal injury attorney once they factor in any legal fees that will ultimately be deducted from their settlement. If you share this same concern, it may surprise you to learn that it truly is possible for you to get more money even after legal fees than you would receive by choosing to settle your claim on your own. In fact, many people still receive substantially more than the insurance company originally offered them even after taking fees and costs into consideration. Below you will learn more about how a personal injury attorney is able to make this possible. 

Properly Calculating Your Losses

One common mistake that individuals make when choosing to pursue their own personal injury claim is that they fail to properly calculate all of their losses. This is because while some losses will be extremely straightforward, identifying other potential losses will require the forethought to consider sources of future losses that are often overlooked by people who are inexperienced in the area of personal injury law. For instance, while you are not likely to forget about seeking compensation for the medical costs you incurred directly after being injured, you may neglect to consider the costs of any follow-up visits you may require in the months and years ahead.  By properly calculating all of your losses, a personal injury attorney is able to truly maximize the amount of compensation that you are entitled to.

Properly Identifying All Sources Of Compensation

Another common mistake that individuals make is failing to identify all possible sources of compensation. For instance, individuals may not realize that they are able to seek additional compensation from their own insurance company if their losses exceed the value of the liable driver's insurance policy. Failing to properly identify this additional source of compensation will often result in individuals walking away from their claim while not even realizing that they have left money sitting on the table. Choosing to hire a personal injury attorney will ensure you do not make this same mistake. 

Seeking Compensation In Most Profitable Order

In order to legally take advantage of all sources of compensation in your case, you will need to follow specific protocols regarding what compensation you draw upon first. For instance, using the example above, if you choose to collect compensation from the other driver's insurance company first, you could actually eliminate your legal right to file a claim against your own insurance policy. The expertise of a personal injury attorney allows them to determine in what exact order your claims must be pursued in order to be most profitable for you.