The Consequences Of Domestic Violence During Divorce And The Help A Lawyer Can Offer You

Posted on: 26 August 2022

Certain behavior during divorce can negatively affect your case and make you lose some of your rights. Physical abuse, for example, might get you in trouble with the court and sway the case in your partner's favor. Therefore, if your partner lodges accusations of domestic violence to the authorities against you, it's prudent to contact a family law attorney right away. They will build a solid case to defend you in court so that you can evade the following consequences.

An Order Barring You from Visiting Your Kids or Spouse

If you insult or assault your partner, they may seek temporary emergency orders from the court to kick you out of the matrimonial house. Such a move might complicate your divorce and make you get an unfavorable outcome in court. In addition, the judge could develop a negative attitude towards you during the proceedings. For these reasons, you should consider getting legal help when your spouse accuses you of battery. They will argue your case in court to convince the judge that you're not a violent person. After successful submission, the judge will lift the order barring you from visiting your kids.

The Loss of Your Parental Rights

If your partner manages to convince the judge that you have been physically abusing them, it might be challenging to acquire child custody. In addition, the jury might reduce your visitation time or prevent you from visiting your children without a court-appointed supervisor. Such rulings might deny you an opportunity to spend time with your kids, affecting your relationship with them. Therefore, you may want to hire a lawyer to prove that the charges are false. They will also present your criminal records to prove that you've never committed a crime.

Facing Criminal Charges

If your spouse prefers criminal charges against you, you could receive a jail sentence or monetary penalties. Thus, you could skip the divorce proceedings if you get jailed. Unfortunately, that gives your partner an opportunity of living with the kids until you complete serving your sentence. The best way to avoid such a scenario is by hiring a lawyer when your partner lodges domestic violence charges against you. They can demonstrate your innocence through evidence, preventing the court from jailing you. 

An accusation that you physically abused your partner in the course of divorce could bring about the issues highlighted above. But, you don't have to suffer the legal consequences of this offense when working with a family lawyer. They will help prove your innocence by providing relevant evidence in court. For more information on family law, contact a professional near you.